Academic Enterprenuership and Patents



Based on the discoveries and inventions made by my lab together with Prof. Ofer Mandelboim from the Immunology & Cancer Research Center at the Hebrew University in 2017, we established company Nectin Therapeutics ( together with Integra Holdings & Yissum as the key shareholders. Nectin Therapeutics is developing novel therapeutics based on monoclonal antibodies directed towards members of the Nectin family of receptors and their ligands that have major roles in the immune checkpoint mechanisms relevant for cancer immune therapy.

Licencing of new monoclonal antibodies for scientific research and commercialization: Center for proteomics is in possession of several hundred well-defined monoclonal antibodies against viral and cellular proteins, some of which are subject of licencing in collaboration with various biotech companies and other partners. Several of these antibodies have already been subject of patent application.

Granted Patents

  1. Jonjic, Stipan: VACCINE COMPRISING BETA-HERPESVIRUS, USPTO application 15/011,601, filed on January 31, 2016, No.: US 2017/0274057 A1, September 28, 2017 – GRANTED 2020
  2. Mandelboim Ofer, Kaynan Noa, Jonjic Stipan: ANTIBODIES SPECIFIC TO T-CELL IMMUNOGLOBULIN AND ITIM DOMAIN (TIGIT), PCT application PCT/IL2016/050952, filed on September 1, 2016, Pub. No.: WO 2017/037707 A1, March 9, 2017 – GRANTED 2021
  3. Mandelboim Ofer, Pinchas Tsukerman, Kaynan Noa, Jonjic Stipan: ANTI-POLIOVIRUS RECEPTOR ANTIBODIES AND THE USE OF SAME FOR THE TREATMENT OF TUMORS, filed on March 1, 2016 – GRANTED 2021 – ANTIBODIES SPECIFIC TO HUMAN POLIOVIRUS RECEPTOR (PVR), PCT application, PCT/IL2017/050256 filed on February 28, 2017, Pub. No.: WO 2017/149538 A1, September 8, 2017
  1. Mandelboim Ofer, Jonjic Stipan, Berhani Orit, Glasner Ariella: DEVELOPMENT OF AN ANTI-NKp46 mAb FOR THE EVALUATION OF NKp46 ACTIVITIES IRRESPECTIVE OF THE IDENTITY OF ITS LIGANDS, filed on September 7, 2016 – ANTI-NKp46 ANTIBODIES AND THERAPEUTIC USE OF SAME, PCT application PCT/IL2017/050842 filed on July 28, 2017, Pub. No.: WO 2018/047154, March 15, 2018 – ANTI-NKp46 ANTIBODIES, TOXIN CONJUGATES AND THERAPEUTIC USE OF SAME, filed on March 14, 2018 – GRANTED 2020

Patents in the Evaluation

  1. Jonjic Stipan, Simic Hrvoje, Lisnic Berislav: INTEGRATED HUMAN CYTOMEGALOVIRUS / GLIOBLASTOMA VACCINE, USPTO Provisional application 62/877,330, filed on July 23, 2019
  2. Jonjic Stipan, Simic Hrvoje, Mandelboim Ofer: IMMUNOTOXINS FOR TREATING CANCER, PCT application, PCT/IL2018/051245, filed on November 20, 2018, Pub. No. WO 2019/102456 A1 published 31 May 2019
  3. Mandelboim Ofer, Jonjic Stipan, Reches Adi: ANTIBODIES SPECIFIC TO HUMAN NECTIN-4, USPTO App. No. 62/791,808, filed January 14, 2019, No.: WO 2019/215728 A1 published 14 November 2019
  4. Mandelboim Ofer, Pinchas Tsukerman, Jonjic Stipan, Lenac Rovis Tihana, Kucan Brlić Paola: ANTIBODIES SPECIFIC TO HUMAN NECTIN-2, USPTO Provisional application 62/791,808, filed January 11, 2019
  5. Levi-Schaffer Francesca, Jonjic Stipan: ANTIBODIES SPECIFIC TO CEACAM1, USPTO Provisional application 62/943,825, filed December 5, 2019
  6. Mandelboim Ofer, Berhani Orit, Kahalon Shira, Jonjic Stipan: ANTIBODIES TO NKp46 AND CONSTRUCTS THEREOF FOR  TREATMENT OF CANCERS AND INFECTIONS, USPTO Provisional Application No. 63/005,457; filed April 6, 2020
  7. Mandelboim Ofer, Jonjic Stipan, Kucan Brlic Paola, Lenac Rovis Tihana: Antibodies against CD112R and uses thereof, Provisional Patent Application: 63/148,149